Who is part of the BSE research community?

Researchers at the Barcelona School of Economics include BSE Affiliated Professors, BSE Research Fellows, post-docs, visitors, and PhD students at GPEFM (UPF and BSE) and IDEA (UAB and BSE).

Affiliated Professors

Affiliated Professors are tenured or tenure-track faculty members from the BSE academic units. They form the core of all BSE educational and research activities. They direct and teach in the BSE Master's programs, summer schools, and professional courses; organize research events such as the BSE Summer Forum; and serve in leadership roles that shape the evolution of the BSE at an institutional level.

Directory of Affiliated Professors

Other members of the research community

BSE Research Fellows
Mar Reguant (Northwestern and BSE)
Post-doctoral Researchers
Marina Bannikova (UAB and BSE)PhD, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Felipe Brugués Rodríguez (UPF and BSE)PhD, Brown University
Zelda Brutti (UPF and BSE)PhD, European University Institute
Mario Carillo (UPF and BSE)PhD, Brown University
Francesco D'Ascanio (UPF and BSE)PhD, Universität Tübingen
Anna Gibert (MOVE, UAB and BSE)PhD,  European University Institute
Giorgio Gulino (UPF and BSE)PhD, Università di Bologna
Rahil Hosseini (UPF and BSE)PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Jack Jewson (UPF and BSE)PhD, Oxford-Warwick Statistics Programme (OxWaSP)
Chara Papioti (UAB and BSE)PhD, European University Institute
Jessica Rodriguez Pereira (UPF and BSE)PhD, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Àlex Sanz (UAB and BSE)PhD, Universitat de Barcelona
Carlos Suárez Acosta (UPF and BSE)PhD, Universitat de Barcelona
Sofia Trommlerová (UPF and BSE)PhD, The Graduate Institute Geneva
Visiting Researchers

Researchers visiting the BSE academic units for three months or more

Giuseppe BuccheriUniversity of Rome Tor VergataVisiting UPF
Paula BustosCEMFIVisiting UPF
Miquel Carreras SimoUniversitat de GironaVisiting UPF
Daniel FehrleAugsburg UniversityVisiting UPF
Ricard GilQueen's University (Ontario, Canada)Visiting UPF
Antonio MarsiBologna UniversityVisiting UPF
Natàlia Mora SitjàUniversity of CambridgeVisiting UPF
Catia NicodemoUniversity of OxfordVisiting UPF
Nicola PavoniBocconi University, IGIER, and IFSVisiting UPF
Jordi PereiraUniversidad Adolfo IbáñezVisiting UPF
PhD Students

Alphabetical listing of doctoral students in the two PhD programs organized jointly with the BSE (IDEA at UAB and GPEFM at UPF):

ChristianAlemán PericonUAB and BSE
DanielBankiUPF and BSE
JacekBarszczewskiUAB and BSE
LaurenzBärtschUPF and BSE
PauBelda TortosaUAB and BSE
EliaBenvenisteUPF and BSE
DiegoBohorquezUPF and BSE
AyahBohsaliUPF and BSE
KonstantinBossUAB and BSE
ClaireBrouwerUPF and BSE
Jose AmilcarCamiloUPF and BSE
AlperenCanbeyUPF and BSE
CarolinaCastañedaUPF and BSE
MadalenCastellsUPF and BSE
JosefinaCenzonUPF and BSE
Marco AntonioCeronUPF and BSE
AndreaChiavariUPF and BSE
IgnacioCrespoUPF and BSE
ShubhdeepDebUPF and BSE
DanielDejuanUPF and BSE
DanteDonatiUPF and BSE
MridulaDuggalUAB and BSE
BjarniEinarssonUPF and BSE
JosephEmmensUAB and BSE
PiaEnnuschatUPF and BSE
LauriEsalaUPF and BSE
YamengFanUPF and BSE
JairoFloresUPF and BSE
SkanderGarchi CasalUAB and BSE
MartaGarcia RodriguezUAB and BSE
MalachyGavanUPF and BSE
ErfanGhofraniUPF and BSE
JosepGisbertUPF and BSE
RosannaGomar LlobetUAB and BSE
FilippoGrittiniUPF and BSE
RuiGuanUPF and BSE
AngeloGutiérrez DazaUPF and BSE
JacobHessUAB and BSE
ShangdiHouUAB and BSE
JiamingHuangUPF and BSE
Dennis ChristophHutschenreiterUAB and BSE
AdrianIfrimUAB and BSE
AkhilIlangoUPF and BSE
MarcoIrisarriUPF and BSE
AndrasJagaditsUPF and BSE
PhilippKastrauUPF and BSE
SandraKayaUPF and BSE
AdamLeeUPF and BSE
JiayiLinUPF and BSE
QianshuoLiuUAB and BSE
DijunLiuUAB and BSE
ManuelLleonart AnguitxUAB and BSE
JordiLlorensUPF and BSE
RaquelLorenzoUPF and BSE
RaffaeleManiniUPF and BSE
CristianoMantovaniUPF and BSE
JoanMargalef EspañaUAB and BSE
ZoelMartinUPF and BSE
JoshuaMascordUPF and BSE
GauravMehtaUAB and BSE
Luis IgnacioMenéndez GarcíaUAB and BSE
DefneMevsimUAB and BSE
ClaudiaMeza CuadraUPF and BSE
Manuel VicenteMontesinos Calvo-FernandezUAB and BSE
MartaMorazzoniUPF and BSE
VladislavMorozovUPF and BSE
NarekOhanyanUPF and BSE
HelenaPalumboUPF and BSE
RubénPérez SanzUAB and BSE
ValerioPieroniUAB and BSE
SergioPirlaUPF and BSE
MakarPravosudUPF and BSE
MariaPtashkinaUPF and BSE
DavidPuigUPF and BSE
MilanQuentelUPF and BSE
SergiQuintana GarciaUAB and BSE
AlejandroRabanoUPF and BSE
PaulRichterUPF and BSE
AlbertRodriguezUAB and BSE
José NicolasRosasUPF and BSE
GianmarcoRuzzierUPF and BSE
HaykSargsyanUPF and BSE
NikolaSchöllUPF and BSE
ChristophSemkenUPF and BSE
DanilaSmirnovUPF and BSE
EvangeliaSpantidakiUPF and BSE
GabrielaStockeler BarbosaUAB and BSE
AndreaSyUPF and BSE
BarnaSzabóUPF and BSE
ChanonTechasunthornwatUAB and BSE
AlessandraTestaUAB and BSE
SelenaTezelUPF and BSE
KatherinaThomasUAB and BSE
PhilippTiozzoUPF and BSE
MiquelTorrensUPF and BSE
ElifTosunUPF and BSE
YapingWangUPF and BSE
KonstantinWernerUPF and BSE
RobertWojciechowskiUPF and BSE
FarukYasarUAB and BSE
UgurYesilbayraktarUPF and BSE
BoyaoZhangUAB and BSE
ConghanZhengUAB and BSE
FengZhouUPF and BSE
LangZhouUPF and BSE
SarahZoiUAB and BSE

Directory of BSE Affiliated Professors and Research Fellows

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