Andre Groeger


Andre Groeger is Assistant Professor and Serra Hunter Fellow at UAB, Affiliated Professor at the BSE and Fellow at MOVE. His research interests are Applied Microeconomics, Data Science, Development, Labor and Political Economy. 

Awards, Grants, and Honors
  • 2021: BSE Seed Grant, "Raising Boys and Girls: Gender Gaps in Child Development"
  • 2019: BSE Seed Grant, "Digital Trace Data for Measurement and Prediction of Migration, Production and Trade Networks"
  • 2017: BSE - "la Caixa" Foundation Research Grants on Socioeconomic Well-being
  • 2017: BSE Seed Grant, "The Formation of Migrant Networks, Behavioral Biases and Remittance Decision-Making"
  • 2017: Young Researcher Prize for excellence in policy relevant research on developing countries by the German Economic Association’s Research Group on Development Economics and KfW Development Bank