European Research Council grant awarded to Andre Groeger

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In his ERC project, Groeger will combine panel data, geospatial data, and quantitative theoretical models to answer crucial questions about poverty reduction in rural areas.

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a Starting Grant to Barcelona School of Economics Affiliated Professor Andre Groeger (UAB, MOVE and BSE).

Professor Groeger's ERC Starting Grant provides 1.5M euros of funding for his project, "Rural Structural Transformation in Developing Countries." During the project, Groeger will investigate why agricultural productivity is especially low in developing countries and how this affects the dynamics of structural transformation and development.

"The focus rests particularly on rural areas of developing countries that typically host large shares of the population, face increasing agricultural risk from climate change, and exhibit elevated poverty incidence," Groeger said. "The project will provide novel answers to these questions by combining innovative micro panel data from Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia with an array of geospatial data on rural areas and quantitative theoretical models for structural analysis.

Andre Groeger (UAB, MOVE and BSE) has been awarded a 2022 European Research Council Starting Grant for his project, "Rural Structural Transformation in Developing Countries."

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Competitive grants for promising research talent in Europe

European Research Council grants are indicators of world-class research across all academic disciplines and at all career stages. The ERC Starting Grants are awarded to talented researchers with 2-7 years of experience and a scientific track record that demonstrates great promise. All project proposals are evaluated by a panel of international scientific peers, and the process is highly competitive. In the 2022 call for ERC Starting Grants, only 14% of proposals received funding.

A total of 35 European Research Council grants have been awarded to current Barcelona School of Economics Affiliated Professors and Research Fellows at all stages of their research careers:

  • 16 ERC Starting Grants for promising researchers just establishing their careers
  • 8 ERC Consolidator Grants for mid-career researchers
  • 11 ERC Advanced Grants for established research leaders

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