Joan Monràs

UPF and BSE - on leave


PhD, Columbia University

Joan Monràs is a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a BSE Affiliated Professor. Before joining the BSE community, he was an assistant professor of Economics at CEMFI and at Sciences Po. He is currently a research affiliate at CEPR, IZA, and CReAM.

His research interests include labor economics, urban economics, and international trade. He holds a B.A. in mathematics from the University of Barcelona, a MSc in History and Theory of International Relations from the London School of Economics and a MA in Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Awards, Grants, and Honors

Working Papers


Joan Monràs

Local Adjustment to Immigrant-Driven Labor Supply Shocks

Journal of Human Capital, Vol.15, No 1, 204-235, April 2021, 10.1086/713148

Recognition Program

Joan Monràs

Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis

Journal of Political Economy, Vol.128, No 8, 3017-3089, August 2020, 10.1086/707764

Recognition Program

Joan Monràs, Eduardo Morales, and

How segregated is urban consumption?

Journal of Political Economy, Vol.127, No 4, 1684-1738, August 2019, 10.1086/701680