Joan Monràs



PhD, Columbia University

Joan Monràs is a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and an Associate Research Professor of the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE). He is also Research Affiliate at CEPR, IZA, and CReAM, and an Associate Researcher at CREI.

Professor Monràs has been a Research Advisor to the United States Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, a Kenen Fellow at Princeton University, and a professor of Economics at CEMFI and Sciences Po.

His research interests include Labor Economics, Urban Economics, and International Trade.

Monràs holds a BA in Mathematics from Universitat de Barcelona, an MSc in History and Theory of International Relations from the London School of Economics, and an MA in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Awards, Grants, and Honors
  • BSE Associate Research Professor appointment (2024-2029)
  • BSE Seed Grant, "Public Good Provision and the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity" (2021)
  • Ramón Areces Foundation Grant, "Immigration, cities of residence, economic activity, and housing markets" (2018)

Working Papers


Recognition Program

Christoph Albert and Joan Monràs

Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: The Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin

American Economic Review, Vol.112, No 11, 3763-3802, November 2022, 10.1257/aer.20211241
Joan Monràs

Local Adjustment to Immigrant-Driven Labor Supply Shocks

Journal of Human Capital, Vol.15, No 1, 204-235, April 2021, 10.1086/713148

Recognition Program

Joan Monràs

Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis

Journal of Political Economy, Vol.128, No 8, 3017-3089, August 2020, 10.1086/707764