Seed Grants

BSE Seed Grants support the scientific development of our researchers, in particular the junior researchers among the BSE Affiliated Professors.

Seed Grants finance specific activities, such as hiring a research assistant, obtaining a data set or running an experiment, that will lead to the initiation or completion of a specific project. Proposals that lay the foundation for future grant applications from other sources are particularly welcomed.

To date, 93 BSE Seed Grants have been awarded to 67 Affiliated Professors. The most recent grant recipients and their projects are listed below.


BSE Seed Grants 2021

ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Marco FabbriUPFLand Titling and Conflicts: Evidence from a Land Tenure Reform Implemented as a Randomized Control-Trial
Rosa FerrerUPFMeasuring Demand and Supply of Audiovisual Content and its Regulation
Alexander FrugUPFTime Management and Optimal Scheduling of Attention
Mohammad GhaderiUPFRobust Discrete Choice Model
Andre GroegerUABRaising Boys and Girls: Gender Gaps in Child Development
Priit JeenasUPFFiscal Policy with Firm Heterogeneity and Financial Frictions
Dmitry KuvshinovUPFSafe Assets in the Long-run International Perspective
Ursula MelloIAE-CSICHeterogenous Impacts of Local Labor Market Shocks on Gender Inequality Over the Life Cycle
Joan MonràsUPFPublic Good Provision and the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity
Minyoung RhoUABThe Mortgage Trap: Economic and Social Implications of the Lack of Personal Bankruptcy in Spain
Björn RichterUPFForeign Capital and Household Credit Expansions
Alberto SantiniUPFSustainable Integrated Last-mile Delivery
Mikhail SpektorUPFHuman Learning: Fast = Slow?
Hanna WangUABFixed-term Contracts, Fertility and the Gender Wage Gap

Seed Grant recipients in previous editions

Seed Grants 2018
ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Elisa AlòsUPFAsymptotic Analysis in Rough Volatility Models
Vladimir AsriyanCREICollateral Booms and Information Depletion
Isaac BaleyUPFAggregate Dynamics in Lumpy Economies
Gert CornelissenUPFObjectification: Unforeseen Effects of the “Thumb Culture”?
Jésica de ArmasUPFLogistics Optimization for the Home Health and Social Care Services
Javier Fernández BlancoUAB1. Job Automation, Domestic Migration and Occupational Mobility
2. Frictions in International Trade and Housing and Labor Markets
Andre GroegerUABDigital Trace Data for Measurement and Prediction of Migration, Production and Trade Networks
Gianmarco LeónUPFVertical Pay Differentials on Worker Productivity: Evidence from the health worker program in Sierra Leone
Antonio MirallesUABOptimal Auctions Under Behavioral Traits
Daniel Navarro-MartínezUPFBridging the Gap Between the Lab and the Field: The Case of the Dictator Game
Victoria VanascoCREI1. Strategic Complexity
2. Market Opacity, Liquidity, and Quality
3. Aggregate Liquidity Cycles
Piotr ZwiernikUPFGaussian Graphical Models, Total Positivity, and Bayesian Testing
Seed Grants 2017
ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Elisa AlòsUPFRobust Semiparametric Pricing and Hedging Methods for Path-dependent Contingent Claims
Albert Banal-EstañolUPFWho Partners with Whom in the UK Startup Ecosystem?
Christopher BuschUABIncome Dynamics Over the Life Cycle and Assortative Mating and Insurance Against Income Risk
Gert CornelissenUPFRecipes for Success: They taste good, but are they healthy?
Miguel EspinosaUPFSpecialization in the Knowledge Economy
Alexander FrugUPFTraining with Strategic Feedback
Albrecht GlitzUPFWhy Spy?
Andre GroegerUABThe Formation of Migrant Networks, Behavioral Biases and Remittance Decision-Making
Joachim JungherrIAE-CSICThe Long-term Debt Accelerator
Antonio MirallesUABPseudomarkets and Outside Options in School Choice
Maria PetrovaUPFCorporal Punishment in Schools, Pro-social Behavior, and Populist Support
Amedeo PiolattoUABStrategic Voting, Transfers and Bailouts in a Federation
Luis RojasUABA Database of Investment and Innovation at the Firm Level
Seed Grants 2016
ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Larbi AlaouiUPFLimited Reasoning, Internal Conflict and Endogenous Discounting
Ruben DuranteUPFIndependence and Quality of Mass Media in the Internet Age
Mircea EpureUPFOrganizations and Culture: Governance Models and Performance Differences in Crisis
Javier Fernández-BlancoUABLabor Markets and International Trade
Angela FiedlerUABBiased Expectations and Skill Mismatch: An Experimental Study
Christian Fons-RosenUPFDeveloping and Applying a Platform Tool for the Economics of Science
Luca FornaroCREIAggregate Demand Externalities in a Global Liquidity Trap
Manuel García-SantanaUPFPublic Sector Projects, Finance, and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from Matched Bank-Firm-Procurement Data
Gianmarco LeónUPFUnderstanding the Teacher’s Labor Market
Joan LlullUABThe Labor Market Consequences of Selective Immigration Policies
Christian MichelUPFAssessing the Impact of Organizational and Financial Structure on Industry Behavior
Pau Milán UABInvestigating Constraints on Informal Risk-sharing Theoretically and Empirically
Hannes MuellerIAE-CSICQuantifying Diplomatic Action
Dávid Krisztián NagyCREIGrowth and Trade in a World of Cities
Luigi PascaliUPFSentiment Analysis, Based on Book Titles and Book Content
Raül Santaeulàlia-LlopisUABSocial Insurance Barriers to Structural Transformation
Edouard SchaalCREIOptimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium
Seed Grants 2014
ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Larbi AlaouiUPFThe Effect of Incentives on Individuals’ Reasoning Processes in Strategic Settings
Elisa AlòsUPFNumerical Problems in Finance
Jose ApesteguiaUPFRandom Choice Under Risk
Vladimir AsriyanCREIDynamic Markets for Lemons With Informational Spillovers
Albert Banal-EstanolUPFTeam Formation and Key Drivers of Success
Régis BarnichonCREIHow Hard Can You Push on a String? Measuring the Non-linear Effects of Monetary Policy
Caterina CalsamigliaUABStructural Estimation of a Model of School Choice: Comparing the Boston Mechanism and Its Alternatives
Enriqueta CampsUPFGlobalization, Inequality and Gender Inequality and Implications for the Study of Living Standards and Demography
Sekyu ChoiUABThe Effects of Biased Technological Shocks and Internal Us Migration / How Access to Early Communication Technologies (Telegraph, Railroads) Affected Mobility, Both Geographical and in Terms of Lifetime Occupation Paths
Ruben EnikolopovUPFThe Effect of Social Media on Political Participation
Susanna EstebanUABMarket Implications of Self-control Preferences
Christian Fons-RosenUPFIdentification of Air Pollution
Luca FornaroCREIFinancial Intermediation and Inequality Over the Business Cycle
Stephen E. HansenUPFMeasuring Private Information of Central Bankers with Media Text Data
Gaël Le MensUPFInformation Sampling in Coordination Games: an Experimental Investigation
Gianmarco León-CiliottaUPFCivil Conflict, Informal Institutions and Long Term Development
Omar LicandroIAE-CSICThe Dynamics of Productivity at the Firm Level
Joan LlullUABUnemployment and Population Growth
Daniel Navarro-MartínezUPFUncertainty Regulation in Decision Making
Helena PerroneUPFGender Differences in Academic Performance
Maria PetrovaUPFMoney and Politics: Individual Incentives and Aggregate Implications
Giacomo A.M. PonzettoCREIGunsmiths in 32 European Countries From 1400 to 1900
Pedro Rey-BielUABGender Economics
Tomás Rodriguez BarraquerUABPeer Effects in Education and Dynamic Network Formation
Seed Grants 2013
ResearcherBSE UnitProject Title
Larbi AlaouiUPFInternal Conflict Between an Individual’s Present and Future Selves
Albert Banal-EstanolUPFInstitutional Holdings, Common Ownership and Product Market Competition
Caterina CalsamigliaUABEffects of Flexible Start School Age on Student Academic Performance
Francesco FasaniIAE-CSICEmployment Assimilation of (Undocumented) Immigrants: Understanding the Role of Segregation
Albrecht GlitzUPFThe Economics of Espionage
Javier Gómez BiscarriUPFAccrual and Transaction Earnings Management Under Principles and Rules: an Experiment on the Effects of Reputation and Explicit Enforcement
Gianmarco León-CiliottaUPFSocial Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence From a CCT in Peru
Stephan LitschigUPFLegislative Institution and Allocation of Community Resources
Hannes MuellerIAECivil Wars Risk and Weapon Imports
Luigi PascaliUPFThe Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade and Economic Development
José-Luis PeydróUPFHousing Wealth, Debt and Consumption
Pedro Rey-BielUABGender Experimental Economics
Marta Reynal-QuerolUPFRestud + Natural Disasters + Old Civil Conflicts

The Seed Grants are one of the BSE research initiatives supported by the Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Program (CEX2019-000915-S) through Spain's State Research Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigación - AEI). 

The BSE has been accredited as a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence in all three editions of the program (2012-15, 2016-19, and 2020-23).