Francesco Cerigioni



PhD, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Francesco Cerigioni is Assistant Professor at UPF and and an affiliated professor of the BSE. He holds a PhD in Economics from IDEA (UAB and BSE) and a Master's in Economics from the BSE (Class of 2010).

His paper "Dual Decision Processes: Retrieving Preferences when some Choices are Intuitive" was invited to the 69th European Meeting of the Econometric Society. Current research includes "An Experimental Examination of the Electronic Mail Game" (with F. Germano and P. Rey-Biel)
Dual Decision Processes and Treatments Prescription (with E. Lara-Cordova).

Awards, Grants, and Honors
  • Enrique Fuentes Quintana Prize for best doctoral thesis in the Social Sciences, Funcas Foundation (2017)

Working Papers


Recognition Program

Francesco Cerigioni

Dual decision processes: retrieving preferences when some choices are automatic

Journal of Political Economy, Vol.129, No 6, 1667-1704 , June 2021, 10.1086/713730