Carlos Serrano

UPF and BSE - on leave


PhD, University of Minnesota

Carlos Serrano is an Associate Professor of Economics and Management at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona School of Economics.

Professor Serrano's research and teaching interests are focused on innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and the financing of entrepreneurial activity. His research focuses on the market for patents, the venture capital industry, and the value and use of patents for technology startups. In addition to his doctorate degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2006, he holds a BSc in Economics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, an MSc in Economics from University College London, and an MA in Economics from the University of Minnesota. 

Serrano's research has been published in top tier journals including the Journal of Financial Economics, RAND Journal of Economics, Strategic Management Journal, the International Economic Review, and Science and has been presented at numerous universities and government agencies.

Prior to his appointment at UPF, Serrano taught at the University of Toronto (2005-2012), University of Minnesota (2002-2004), and was a Research Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (2002-2005).


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Recognition Program

Carlos Serrano and

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Recognition Program

Carlos Serrano

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