Preferences and Bounded Rationality

The SE Summer Forum Workshop on Preferences and Bounded Rationality will be held in Barcelona from June 8-9, 2022.

We are regularly checking safety regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If an in-person event is not possible, this workshop will be held online.

This workshop welcomes any paper on topics related to bounded rationality, with a focus on the topics of limited cognition, measures of cognitive abilities, and other traits or skills that affect individual decision making. This includes models of limited attention and applications, as well as models of reference dependence, both in strategic and nonstrategic settings.

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Previous editions

Speakers appear in the order in which they presented during the workshop.

2019 Edition

Previous editions were titled, "Workshop on Bounded Rationality, Cognition and Strategic Uncertainty."

2018 Edition
2017 Edition

Previous editions were titled, "Workshop on Limited Reasoning, Cognition and Coordination"

2016 Edition
2015 Edition