Research Activities

A full calendar of research seminars and events is organized by the BSE academic units throughout the year. BSE research activities include the BSE Lecture Series, the Calvó-Armengol Prize, and the Summer Forum.

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Calvó-Armengol Prize

The Calvó Prize is awarded every two years to a top researcher in economics or social sciences younger than 40 years old. Recipients include:

  • Benjamin Golub, Harvard (2020)
  • Melissa Dell, Harvard (2018)
  • Matthew Gentzkow, Stanford (2016)
  • Raj Chetty, Harvard (2014)
  • Roland J. Fryer, Harvard (2012)
  • Esther Duflo, MIT (2010)
Prize activities

Summer Forum

Every year, the BSE faculty organize and participate in the Summer Forum, a two-week conference with 25+ different workshops that attracts hundreds of researchers from around the globe to Barcelona to present their latest research.

Highlights from past editions of the Summer Forum:
2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

Next edition: June 2022

BSE Lecture Series

Organized with support from Banc Sabadell, the BSE Lecture Series has brought dozens of the world's top Economics scholars to Barcelona every year since 2003 to share their research on a range of topics on specialized theory and practice. 

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Events Calendar

The BSE academic units organize seminar series, lectures, and workshops throughout the year. Speakers include invited academics from institutions around the world as well as BSE researchers. Many events are open to the entire BSE community.

Some seminars can be streamed online