Career Center

The BSE Career Center is an exclusive online recruiting platform that connects employers with hundreds of students and alumni of the Barcelona School of Economics.

Career Center access for students and alumni

Students and alumni can use the Career Center to view job offers and send applications to a selected list of institutions or organizations. All job offers are vetted by BSE Career Services to ensure the best fit of skill sets, interests and opportunities for our graduates.

The platform also includes a calendar of recruiter events and career development training sessions, as well as additional materials to help you build your professional career.

Explore job opportunities and career resources

Career Center access for recruiters

In addition to advertising your job opportunity, the Career Center allows you to collect and manage the applications of interested candidates in a centralized and efficient manner. You can also promote events or share videos and resources in order to attract our top talent.

Post and manage your company's job offers

View the Career Center user guide for recruiters

How to get access to the Career Center:

To register and get started, please create a company form and fill in the 'You are not registered yet' section.

Publish your job offer in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register your account and create a company profile
  2. Once you log in go to "Jobs" section and click “Add a new offer”
  3. Fill out the "Job Offer" form
  4. The BSE Career Services Office will review your submission and if the job offer matches the profile of our students/alumni they will accept your publication

Easily manage offers and candidates

The publication will be visible to all current students and alumni until the end of the month that you indicate as the starting month. If you indicate the starting date “as soon as possible” the offer will be valid for two months. When the time period expires, you can choose to reactivate it for an additional time period, or close it permanently to stop receiving candidate applications.

We hope the BSE Career Center will be a useful tool in your search for qualified, talented candidates.

Register or request a new password

If you would like to register or have lost your password, please email