Student Community

The BSE's rigorous master's programs are geared towards students who are bright, curious, and motivated to excel. But between study sessions, our students benefit from all the essentials typically associated with student life: informal lectures and outside learning opportunities, sports and social events, a vibrant city to explore, and most of all: lasting relationships with classmates. 


Social Events

Sometimes you need to take a break — and leave the library! Activities organized for students, alumni, and professors have included:

  • Community picnics
  • Hiking outside the city
  • Winery tours
  • Football tournaments
  • Ski trips to Andorra
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Student & Alumni Blog

The BSE Voice is our student and alumni blog. All are welcome to contribute! Some of the most-read posts include:

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Invited Lectures and Events

Throughout the year, students have opportunities to attend lectures and research events that are exclusive to the BSE community. Recent speakers have included:

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