Daniel Navarro-Martínez



PhD, Universitat Jaume I

Daniel Navarro-Martínez is Assistant Professor at UPF and a BSE Affiliated Professor. Before coming to Barcelona, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the London School of Economics and a post-doctoral research fellow at University of Warwick.

Awards, Grants, and Honors
  • 2018: BSE Seed Grant, "Bridging the Gap Between the Lab and the Field: The Case of the Dictator Game"
  • 2014: BSE Seed Grant, "Uncertainty Regulation in Decision Making"


Daniel Navarro-Martínez and Sergio Pirla

Does boredom affect economic risk preferences?

Judgment and Decision Making, Vol.17, No 5, 1094–1122, September 2022
Shohei Yamamoto and Daniel Navarro-Martínez

The endowment effect in the future: How time shapes buying and selling prices

Judgement and Decision Making, Vol.17, No 5, 988 - 1014, September 2022