• Am I eligible for financial aid?

    Financial aid at the BSE is awarded based on academic merit. Candidates who wish to be considered for financial aid are advised to apply during the first round of admissions (deadline: January 15). Eligible applications should include all supporting documents and two reference letters. For more information about financial aid, please visit our admissions page.

  • Do I need to apply for financial aid?

    There is no separate application for financial aid. All candidates are considered for tuition fee waivers, which are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

  • Do I need to translate my documents into English to apply?

    Supporting documents need to be in English, except for the transcripts and Official University diplomas, which can also be in Spanish or Catalan.

  • What is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) institution code?

    The BSE code for the GRE General Test is 2531.

  • Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) mandatory for my application?

    The GRE General Test is only required for applicants to the PhD Track Program. For all other programs, the GRE is optional but highly recommended.

    GRE General Test results are often a key element for admission decisions, and candidates for all programs are welcome and encouraged to include GRE scores with the application.

    A good GRE result is particularly helpful to candidates that have a bachelor in social sciences or other undergraduate degree without a strong quantitative component. In previous years, the GRE score has helped directors to identify candidates with excellent potential but little previous exposure to serious mathematical training. Hence we strongly encourage candidates to submit a GRE. (Again, GRE is only required for the PhD Track Program).

  • Is there a minimum GRE score to apply?

    There is no minimum GRE score required to apply to the BSE Master's programs. The exam is an optional piece of your application, except in the case of the PhD Track Program, where a GRE score is required.

  • Can I apply and submit the GRE score later?

    Yes, but please contact the admissions office if you plan to add your GRE score at a later stage, so that we can hold your application until you submit the GRE scores.

  • What are the tuition fees for the programs?

    Data Science Program (2023-24): €18,500

    All other programs (2023-24): €16,500

    Please remember that tuition fees are subject to change, and that they do not cover housing or living expenses. 

  • Is work experience mandatory in order to apply?

    Work experience is an asset but not mandatory.

  • Once I have submitted my application, when do I know if I have been accepted?

    Offers and conditions are sent via email, so please make sure your address is valid during the whole application and admissions process. 

    You can also track your admission status through the application system. Log into your account and go to the "Status" section.

    First-round applicants (candidates who apply before January 15) can expect an admissions decision by the middle of February.

    Those who apply after January 15 will receive a decision within approximately 5 weeks.

    Admissions decisions and any financial aid offer are delivered together by email.