The BSE Admissions Office is happy to assist new master's students looking to establish their student lives quickly and comfortably. There are several types of accommodation that we hope will fit every budget and preference.

Typical living arrangements chosen by BSE students

Most students choose one of the following rental options for their accommodations during the Master's program:

  • Student residence hall
  • Apartment
  • Room in a shared apartment with other BSE students

How and where to find student accommodations

The Barcelona School of Economics has two campuses, one in the Ciutadella neighborhood in the city center and one in Bellaterra, a town just outside the city. Please check where the majority of the lectures in your program will take place before beginning your search for accommodation.

Discounts for BSE students may be available with some housing providers. To qualify for discounts, you may be requested to identify yourself as a BSE student and may be asked to provide proof of enrollment.

Visit each of our housing partners' websites to read more about available options and requirements.

Housing partners near Ciutadella Campus

Student halls

Housing partners near Bellaterra Campus

On-campus housing

Students can book on-campus accommodation at the Vila Universitaria. Bellaterra campus is equipped with all basic services such as laundry, supermarket, bakery, cafeterias, etc.

Off-campus housing

You can book a room at any of the following student halls:

Nearby towns

Students can also considering living in other locations well-connected with Bellaterra campus, such as:

Student accommodation agencies

Here is a list of rental agencies that can help you find accommodations:

How to find flatmates

Students often choose to live together or to live with BSE alumni who stay in the city after graduation. Many alumni announce available rooms in their apartments in the BSE Facebook group. In addition to connecting you with potential roommates, the group serves as a great resource for discovering more about student life and learning about on- and off-campus events.

Request to join the BSE Facebook group

The admissions team is here to help!

For personalized advice on neighborhoods, prices, services, and other housing tips, incoming students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office.