Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

CREI, UPF and BSE - on leave

Giacomo Ponzetto is a senior researcher at CREI and an affiliated professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the BSE, as well as a research affiliate of CEPR and an associate editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association. His research lies at the intersection of Political Economy and International and Regional Economics. He has written on political and legal institutions, on the political economy of trade policy, on federalism and political centralization, and on entrepreneurship and the spatial distribution of economic activity. His research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Public Economics and Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization.

In 2016, he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project, "Citizens, Institutions and Globalization."

Awards, Grants, and Honors

Working Papers

Edward L. Glaeser and Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

Fundamental Errors in the Voting Booth

Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto and Nicola Gennaioli

Optimally Vague Contracts and the Law