Competition, Markets, and Regulation Course Participant Profile

Average class size is 35 participants.

This reduced number of participants per course gives participants direct contact with the faculty, who are top instructors drawn from academic, public, and private institutions.

Most participants have a senior position.

Overall, economists and senior economists are the two most common profiles, but this varies depending on each course. This graphic shows a summary of the positions of all the participants. 

The average age of the participants is 34 years old.

The chart shows the age distribution of participants under 30, between 30 and 45, and over 45 years of age.

Participants come from hundreds of companies and organizations.

While most participants come from public institutions, there are also many who work in consulting services and research and academic institutions. See in the graphic below the sector distribution of the participants:

A total of 295 institutions from around the world have sent participants to BSE professional courses. The 20 most frequently returning institutions are: 

  • Antimonopoly Office of Slovak Republic
  • Belgian Competition Authority
  • CNMC – Antitrust Authority Spain
  • Comisión Federal Competencia Económica de México
  • Compass Lexecon
  • Competition and Markets Authority UK
  • Competition Commission of South Africa
  • Competition Council of Lithuania
  • Copenhagen Economics
  • Danish Competition & Consumer Authority
  • E.CA Economics GmbH
  • European Commission
  • Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
  • Italian Competition Authority
  • Norwegian Competition Authority
  • Ofcom
  • Oxera Consulting Ltd
  • RBB Economics
  • Swedish Competition Authority
  • Swiss Competition Commission
  • Tribunal de Defensa de Libre Competencia de Chile

Participants come from countries all over the world