How to apply to BSE Executive Education Courses

The information below refers to all Barcelona School of Economics Executive Education Courses.

Please refer to each individual Executive Education Course page for the requirements and deadlines specific to that course. We will be glad to assist you with any further queries you may have. 

Entry Requirements

Previous knowledge

The BSE Executive Education Courses are taught at a high academic standard. The level of the material is equivalent to what is presented in our Master’s programs. Successful candidates will usually demonstrate one or more of the following in an application to our courses:

  • A strong background in Economics or a field closely related to the course topic (Statistics, Law, etc.)
  • Postgraduate degree or current Master’s/PhD studies related to the course topic
  • Relevant professional experience

Suitability of the course

Before confirming their attendance to an Executive Education course, applicants are responsible for establishing the relevance and suitability of it for their individual requirements, through consideration of the information supplied on our webpage, or asking questions to the Admissions Counselors to verify their eligibility, if necessary.

English language proficiency

All courses are taught entirely in English. While no language certificate is required at the moment of application, participants are expected to have enough command of the language to follow and benefit from the course without causing disruption to the development of the class.

Application Process

Online application form

The application process is conducted online and takes just a few moments to complete:

  1. Access the application system and choose the course of your interest
  2. Complete the information in all of the sections of the application form (pay special attention to the required fields or you won’t be able to advance and submit your application on the last screen)
  3. Request an invoice: If your course fees will be paid by an employer or sponsor and you need an invoice in order to make your confirmation payment, once you have been accepted to the course, you will be able to fill out all required details in the "Billing" section of the application form. Our finance department will respond to your request within three business days. 

You can contact the Admissions team for assistance at any time throughout this process. 

Acceptance and confirmation

Admission decisions are sent to applicants on a rolling basis.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an email including your letter of acceptance/invitation and the total course fees to be paid. 

You can confirm your place by paying the course fees. To pay the fees yourself, go back to your application and visit the section called "Payment". If an employer or sponsor is paying on your behalf, they may do so via bank transfer.

Your place in the course will only be guaranteed once we have received the full payment of the fees. Upon receipt of your payment, our admissions team will send you an email to confirm your place in the course.  

Please be aware that course places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis until the maximum class capacity is reached. Both face-to-face and online courses have limited seats in order to guarantee the quality of interactions with instructors and classmates. We strongly encourage you to confirm your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please download our Executive Education Courses policies for more detailed information about course capacity and waitlists. 

Fees, Discounts, and Payments

Regular and reduced course fees

Fees vary by course. Please check the Executive Education Courses pages for the individual course fees.

For most courses, a reduced fee is available for PhD or Master's students, Alumni of BSE Master's programs, and participants who are unemployed. Reduced fees vary by course. Other communities (e.g. Public Sector and Academia) may also benefit from reduced course fees, so please check the specific terms for the course of your interest.

Proof of your reduced fee eligibility is required in order to be granted this reduced fee. 

Examples of reduced fee eligibility proof for students include: 

  • A certificate of enrollment in  your current Master’s or PhD program
  • A reference letter from your thesis supervisor
  • A copy of your student card (your name, name of the institution and student status must be clearly shown) 

To prove a professional affiliation that grants you the reduction, you can provide:

  • A letter from your employer or any other similar document
  • A scan of your access card 
  • A screen capture of your employer’s website where your name and position are mentioned


Discounts are available for individuals and also for groups. If you are eligible for a discount or a combination of discounts, it is important that your application reflects this. If you would like to receive a personal quotation on the discounts you are entitled to, please email our Admissions team.

Discount rates are the same for all Executive Education courses. The following discounts are available:

Discounts for Individuals
Early bird (deadline and rate vary by course) 10%

BSE partner organizations:

Silver level

Gold level




Current BSE Master's students 20%
Recurring participant 10%

Group discounts

A 10% discount is given when a single employer sends at least 5 employees to participate in the same course. This discount only applies when there is a single payer for the entire invoice.

IMPORTANT: One person must contact the admissions office on behalf of the entire group and provide a comprehensive list of names. All members of the group will be processed and offered the discount at the same time: no discounts will be offered until at least the first 5 people have applied. Additional members can be added on afterwards, if the admissions office is duly notified before they are accepted.

In the event a group of individuals wants to join this offer in their personal capacity (without a sponsor), one of them must take the lead of the group as the main contact with the admissions office, and a single payment for the whole group’s fees will be required.

Our admissions staff will be happy to assist you with calculating the discount for any group that wishes to apply. Email us to get started.

Recommenders Discount

A 50% discount is given to BSE current students and Alumni who recommend an applicant to study a Master’s program, who is accepted and confirms attendance in the program.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of this offer or contact for more information.

Changes and cancelations

Please review the BSE Executive Education Courses Policy information [pdf] paying special attention to the cancelation conditions. If you wish to cancel your participation in the course that you have paid for, you will be reimbursed or not according to the mentioned policies. Alternatively you can use the amount paid as credit towards the next edition of the course.

Course delivery and modalities

Many courses are held face-to-face at our Ciutadella Campus location in downtown Barcelona.

Some courses are conducted online. Others are available in either online or face-to-face modalities.

Each course's page specifies all available editions and delivery options.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. 

A wide range of short-term accommodation is available near the BSE campus for Summer School participants. You can take advantage of discounted offers by booking accommodation with one of our housing partners. These partners will be able to provide various affordable accommodation options tailored to suit different needs, including apartments, hostels, hotels, shared apartments and student halls.

To qualify for discounts, you may requested to identify yourself as a BSE student or participant, and may be asked to provide proof of enrollment.

See a list of housing partners on our Accommodations page

When you confirm your attendance to the courses, our Summer School team will send you more information and tips about accommodation to help you plan your stay in Barcelona.