Susanna Esteban

UAB and BSE - on leave

Susanna Esteban

PhD, University of Rochester

Susanna Esteban is Associate Professor at UAB, Research Fellow at MOVE, and a BSE Affiliated Professor. 

Previously, she worked at the Queen's University in Canada, the Pennsylania State University and the University Carlos III in Madrid.

Professor Esteban's research is in the field of Industrial Organization and follows two different lines. On the one hand, she has analyzed the dynamic implications of durability and secondary markets, both theoretical and empirical, when the primary market is imperfectly competitive. On the other, at a theoretical level, she has studied the implications of consumers having preferences with temptation and self-control on the supply decisions of firms.

Awards, Grants, and Honors
  • 2014: BSE Seed Grant, "Market Implications of Self-Control Preferences"


Recognition Program

Jiawei Chen, Susanna Esteban and Matthew Shum

When Do Secondary Markets Harm Firms?

American Economic Review, Vol.103, No 7, 2911--2934, January 2013, 10.1257/aer.103.7.2911
Jiawei Chen, Susanna Esteban and Matthew Shum

Do Sales Tax Credits Stimulate the Automobile Market?

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol.28, No 4, 397--402, January 2010, 10.1016/j.ijindorg.2010.02.011