Stefano Falcone


Stefano Falcone is an applied economist working as a post-doctoral researcher at IAE-CSIC and Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona School of Economics.

His main research interests are social conflict and political polarization. In his most advanced research work, together with Michele Rosenberg, Stefano studies how agricultural modernization may lead to land conflict in the absence of well-defined tenure systems. In particular, he analyzes how the exclusion from access to land fostered by the expansion of commercial farming may induce peasant groups to occupy private plots for subsistence purposes. His interest on the asset-poor is also reflected in another recent work where the researcher investigates whether evictions lead to property crime over inhabitable assets. Stefano is currently also involved in two other projects: one on the violent consequences of land reform programs in the presence of powerful landed élites and the other on the economic determinants of labor strikes.

Awards, Grants, and Honors