The target visitation arc routing problem

Open Access       

Authors: Gilbert Laporte and Jessica Rodríguez

TOP, Vol. 30, 60–76, April, 2022

This paper studies the target visitation arc routing problem on an undirected graph. This problem combines the well-known undirected rural postman problem and the linear ordering problem. In this problem, there is a set of required edges partitioned into targets, which must be traversed and there are pairwise preferences for the order in which some targets are serviced, which generates a revenue if the preference is satisfied. The aim is to find a tour that traverses all required edges at least once, and offers a compromise between the revenue generated by the order in which targets are serviced, and the routing cost of the tour. A linear integer programming formulation including some families of valid inequalities is proposed. Despite the difficulty of the problem, the model can be used to solve to optimality around 62% of the test instances.