Xavier Vilà



PhD, Northwestern University

Xavier Vilà is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Economic History of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and BSE Affiliated Professor. He holds a PhD from the Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences at Northwestern University. He has been a MOVE Research Fellow since the creation of the institute in 2009. His main research interests are agent-based computational economics, evolutionary game theory, and models of bounded rationality. He is also interested in socio-ecological systems, computer science, and complexity theory.


Juan Antonio Barceló, Florencia D. C. Bernal, Ricardo del Olmo, Laura Mameli, F. J. Miguel Quesada, David Poza and Xavier Vilà

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Social Science Computer Review, Vol.32, No 3, 417--436, January 2014, 10.1177/0894439313511943
Florencia del Castillo, Juan Antonio Barceló, Laura Mameli, Francisco J. Miguel and Xavier Vilà

Modeling Mechanisms of Cultural Diversity and Ethnicity in Hunter-Gatherers

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol.21, No 2, 364--384, January 2014, 10.1007/s10816-013-9199-y