Arnault Gombert

Freelance NLP Data Scientist

Arnault Gombert, Barcelona School of Economics Faculty.

Master's, ENSEA ParisTech and Université Paris-Saclay

Arnault Gombert is a senior data scientist and head of the data sciences department at Citibeats. He is in charge of the operational research at Citibeats focusing mainly on Natural Language Processing algorithms applied to social networks data. He works on detecting from posts and/or profiles demographics characteristics of users to be able to sample representative pieces of the population from social media. He also works on semi-supervised learning methods to adapt large language models to make. He has also worked as a freelancer in Natural Language Processing in different fields such as food-processing industry, teaching assistance sector or legaltech.

He works at the border between Machine Learning investigation and applications: developing solutions for start-up that are inspired from state-of-the-art research. One main concern is making machine learning useful for all and not restricting it to a small part of the population. The second main concern is about bringing an environmental impact perspective in the data science field in order not to judge only by performance metrics. 

Arnault studied at ENSAE and holds a diploma of engineering in statistics and economics. He also holds a master in research in quantitative economics from University of Paris Saclay, HEC, École Polytechnique and ENSAE.