UAB and IAE Organize Workshop on Matching

Bellaterra campus

A workshop titled “Matching: Theory, Applications, and Experiments” took place on June 8th and 9th at the Bellaterra Campus at the UAB, site of the BSE Msc in the Economics of Science and Innovation program.

The workshop was sponsored by two of the founding academic institutions of the BSE - the Department of Economics and Economic History of the UAB (UFAE) and the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC) - as well as by the Reference Center for Analytic Economics (CREA), the BSE sister research institution.

Harvard Professor Fuhito Kojima presents at the workshop

Over 30 professors took part in the two-day workshop. Participants hailed from prestigious research universities, including Duke University, Rutgers University, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, UC San Diego, and Maastricht University. Two affiliated professors of the BSE, Flip Klijn (IAE) and Jordi Massó (UAB), organized the event in conjunction with Guillaume Haeringer (UAB).

Guillaume Haeringer opened the workshop on June 8th with a presentation of his research, titled “Constrained School Choice: Theory and an Experimental Study” (with BSE Affiliated Professors Caterina Calsamiglia and Flip Klijn), and Jordi Massó presented his work, “Matching Markets under (In)complete Information” (with Lars Ehlers), as the second day of the event commenced.

Other presentations included:

Organizers of the Workshop Jordi Massó (UAB), Flip Klijn (IAE), and Guillaume Haeringer (UAB)

Participants of the workshop socialize during a lunch reception


For more information, please visit the workshop website