Top Firms Court Msc in Competition Students


Students in the Msc in Competition and Market Regulation (MCR) have received offers for both internship and full-time jobs from companies such as the Competition Commission, LECG, OFCom, and RBB Economics.

The students’ success can be explained by several factors. “The MCR students will graduate prepared to address competition and market regulation issues competently in all sectors,” explains Juan José Ganuza, Executive Director of the MCR program. “The fact that they have specialist training makes them very appealing to companies, and students can expect to find quick post-graduation employment.”

Students in the MCR program attend class at the Ciutadella campus

Additionally, the Msc in Competition and Market Regulation offers an internship program designed to facilitate the transition from the master into a competitive position in the graduate’s desired sector, including government institutions, regulatory agencies, competition agencies, large companies, and consulting firms. Overall, students in the MCR program have more than 20 positions available to them.

“The GSE has taken a keen interest in our priorities and always sought the best position to match our profiles,” says Hector Otero Otero, an MCR student who will be interning at the Competition Commission in the UK this summer. The program has made internship agreements with a number of companies throughout Europe, including the Competition Commission, Conseil de la Concurrence, OfCom (Office of Communications- UK), OFT (Office of Fair Trading - UK), FEDEA, SFR Vodafone, EDF, LECG, The Brattle Group, Clifford-Chance, RBB Economics, and Telecom Italia.

Fabiana Tito, an MCR student from Brazil, is one example of the success students have encountered in the job market. After being interviewed by several companies that learned about her through the internship program, she received offers from the Competition Commission, LECG, OfCom, and RBB Economics. Ultimately, she has accepted the three of the offers, and will be completing three consecutive, full time, internships at the RBB Economics, the Competition Commission, and LECG.

The GSE career services and the MCR internship program, she says, definitely helped her find a job. “The GSE helped me get good offers and make the best choice. Apart from the job listings posted in the GSE intranet, students received emails with other interesting opportunities, from work to academic matters,” says Fabiana. “In addition, the GSE has an attentive Director of International and Corporate Relations who advises you regarding careers. Also, Massimo Motta, the Scientific Director of the Program, assists the students with motivational advice.”

Professor Massimo Motta, Director of the Msc in Competition and Market Regulation, teaches a course

The Msc in Competition and Market Regulation is addressed to students wishing to gain a better understanding of antitrust issues and cases as well as the guidelines for market regulation. As such, says Fabiana, “it provides a very good setting to acquire the tools needed in practical antitrust and regulation applications, at the same time developing a thorough understanding of the theoretical foundations of competition policy and industrial organization.”

“Moreover,” she continues, “the MSc in Competition and Market Regulation benefits from the strong reputation of the UPF and UAB and by the fact that their experts are renowned academics, former senior government officials and experienced consultancy leaders.”

While most students in the MCR program have opted to enter the work force as practitioners well versed in the latest issues in Competition Policy, others have chosen to pursue a higher degree. Guillem Roig, a student in the program, has received an acceptance to the PhD program at Université Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales, where he will attend in the fall.

Success in the job market has not been limited to students in the MCR program. Students in the other new master of the GSE, the Msc in the Economics of Science and Innovation (MESI), have had similar success in the post graduation job-hunt. Crosby MacDonald, a student in the MESI program who will be working at LECG in the coming fall in their London office, emphasizes the importance of the BSE’s global network. “By placing me within a network of top students and professors, past and present, the GSE provided an environment full of contacts in the economics field.”

The MCR program emphasizes specialized training with an objective for immediate employment after graduation


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