Sponsors invest in talent with funding for top students at BSE

BSE Funding

Scholarships and funding from top companies support talented students in BSE Master’s programs

Year after year, the Barcelona School of Economics is chosen by top-tier students from around the world, to continue their education in the fields of Economics, Finance, and Data Science by participating in one of our Master’s programs. 

Students who receive an offer from BSE are chosen for their determination, drive, and ambition which sets them apart from others. Thanks to the generous support that comes from our public and private sponsors, BSE can offer full or partial funding to the most promising candidates admitted to our Master's programs.

The type of funding given is determined by each company.  Some provide full scholarships, while others contribute funds toward full or partial tuition waivers.  BSE also contributes to the pool of available tuition funding as part of our mission to attract the most talented students and invest in their future. 

Together with our esteemed sponsors, BSE awards an average of €800,000 annually. Around 36% of all enrolled students receive partial or full funding every year. 

Barcelona School of Economics sponsors providing funding for scholarships and tuition waivers in 2023-24

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This year, two scholarships were awarded to outstanding Master’s students by Fundación Ramón Areces and Unicredit Foundation.

The recipients of this year’s scholarships were: 

  • Clàudia Quintana '24 (Economics Program) - Fundación Ramón Areces
  • Daniel Fisch '24 (Economics Program) - Unicredit Foundation

Many other students received tuition waivers that covered part of the Master’s program fees.

Clàudia Quintana is this year’s recipient of the Fundación Ramón Areces scholarship. She studied her undergraduate in Economics at the University of Barcelona and received a distinction in 11 subjects, graduating with one of the top academic records in the cohort. After graduating, she worked for a year in the Economics and Finance department in Generalitat de Catalunya before starting the Master's program in Economics at BSE.  


"I chose BSE because of its distinguished reputation and the exceptional quality of economic research conducted by UPF and UAB. I believe the Master's in Economics, along with my prior experience in Economics and Tax Policy, will serve as a stepping stone toward achieving my aspirations. I am profoundly grateful for having been awarded the Ramón Areces Scholarship, as their support has been instrumental in turning my academic ambitions into a reality."

Clàudia Quintana, Economics student


The Unicredit scholarship has been awarded to Daniel Fisch, a previous student at the University of Göttingen, where he studied his undergraduate in Physics and the University of Cambridge where he studied MASt in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. 


"Given my mathematical background, I was looking for a program that would allow me to dive into the theoretical foundations of economics, complemented by real-world application examples, while having the flexibility to adapt the curriculum to my interests. The Master's at BSE offers me exactly this, in close contact with a world-class faculty and together with amazing fellow students from all over the world – all in a beautiful and vibrant city like Barcelona. Encouraged by the support of the UniCredit Foundation, I enjoy pursuing my passion for better understanding the underlying dynamics of economic and societal challenges, at BSE and beyond."

Daniel Fisch, Economics student 

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