Research Center Explores How Financial Markets and Banks Work

The Research Centre for Financial Economics and Accounting (CREFC) at the UPF is devoted to research, education and consultancy in the fields of finance and accounting. Researchers at CREFC, many of whom are BSE Affiliated Professors, undertake cutting edge research in banking, financial management, financial markets, market microstructure, econometrics, risk and probability, and accounting.

“Our objective, beyond research, is to provide a framework for our Master in Finance,” explains Xavier Freixas, Director of CREFC and of the BSE MSc in Finance. ”Therefore, our professors teach in the MSc in Finance, and there is at times a synergy between research and teaching, which helps the success of our master and doctoral programs.”

Researchers at CREFC teach in two of the BSE’s master programs: the MSc in Finance and the MSc in International Trade, Finance, and Development. Students in the master programs are exposed to leading research, and many benefit from the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars, and lectures from academics and experts at the forefront of their fields of interest.

In the accompanying video, Xavier Freixas describes the objectives of the CREFC and the ongoing research initiatives at the center. Rhiannon Sowerbutts (MSc in Economics, 2004) and Milos Bozovic (MSc in Economics, 2004) discuss their research in the GPEFM doctoral program, one of the Reference PhD programs of the BSE. GSE Affiliated Professors Francisco Peñaranda and Ander Pérez, both of whom are on the Advisory Committee of the Master in Finance, describe their research.


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