Profs. Gancia and van Rens Win Kiel Institute Excellence Awards

Professors Gino Gancia (CREI and GSE) and Thijs van Rens (CREI and GSE) have been awarded Excellence Awards in Global Economics Affairs by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

The awards, in the form of fellowships, are designed for researchers in the area of global economic affairs under the age of 35. The prizewinners are given intellectual, financial, and administrative support from the Kiel Institute to pursue focused programs of research in designated areas. The resulting research will constitute contributions to knowledge relevant to internatioal policy-making and business circles.

The Kiel Institute is an international center for research in global economic affairs, economic policy consulting, economic education and documentation. The Institute engages especially in creating solutions to urgent problems in global economic affairs. On basis of its research, the Institute advises decision-makers in policy, business, and society and informs the broader public about important developments in international economic policy.

Gino Gancia, Researcher at CREI and Affiliated Professor at the BSE 

Prof. Gino Gancia is a CREI researcher interested in international trade, economic growth, and macroeconomics. He received his PhD from Stockholm University in 2003 and teaches in the BSE MSc in Economics and MSc in International Trade, Finance, and Development. He is also a research affliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and research associate at IEW at University of Zurich

Thijs van Rens, Researcher at CREI and Affiliated Professor at the BSE

Prof. Thijs van Rens is CREI researcher, research affliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and research fellow at the IZA Institute for the Study of Labor. He received his PhD from Princeton in 2005, where he was twice awarded the Towbes Prize for outstanding teaching. His principal areas of research are macroeconomic theory and labor economics. He teaches in the MSc in Economics at the BSE.

Apart from Prof. Gancia, and Prof. van Rens, prizewinners from 2009 include Noah Williams (University of Wisconsin - Madison) and Johannes van Biesebroeck (University of Toronto). The prizewinners will be formally presented with the award in a ceremony at the Kiel Institute in June 2009.


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