New Professors Join BSE Community

The 2008-2009 academic year will bring some new faces to the BSE community, as 13 tenured and tenure track professors and researchers join the faculty of supporting institutions of the GSE.

The GSE community, composed of researchers from the UPF, UAB, IAE-CSIC, and CREI, will benefit from the energy and expertise these new professors bring. Their work in teaching and research will add strength and vitality to the already prominent community.

The Chairman of the BSE, Andreu Mas-Colell, welcomes the new additions, noting that "an outstanding faculty in our founding institutions with a broad range of research and teaching interests is the key to developing attractive, rigorous graduate programs and continuing to produce world class research."

An alphabetical listing of the new faculty with a short description:


Albert Banal-Estañol (UPF)

Albert Banal-Estañol (UPF) has been Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance at City University London since 2005. His specializations are industrial organization, economics of organizations, corporate finance, competition and regulation, banking, and energy markets. He received his PhD in 2003 from the UAB, and has held previous positions as Visiting Lecturer University of Cambridge (2005-2006) and Assistant Professor at University of Western Ontario (2003-2005).


Vasco Carvalho (CREI and UPF)

Vasco Carvalho (CREI and UPF) will receive is PhD from University of Chicago in 2008, and holds an M.Phil from University of Cambridge (2005). His areas of research include macroeconomics with emphasis on business cycle phenomena, econometrics, and applied econometrics with emphasis on time series.


Rosario Crino (IAE-CSIC)

Rosario Crino (IAE-CSIC) will receive his PhD in 2008 from University of Milan, where he is also Research assistant at CESPRI. Previously, he was visiting student at the University of California San Diego (2002 and 2007). His main research interests are international trade, labor economics and applied microeconometrics.


Jan Eeckhout (ICREA-UPF)

Jan Eeckhout (ICREA-UPF) will join the faculty of the UPF as an ICREA Research Professor. He has been awarded a 5-year Starting Grant from the European Research Council of the EU (ERC) to support his research.

Eekhout is currently Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and has held past positions as Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU Stern (2006—2007), Visiting Scholar at MIT (1999), and Marie Curie Fellow of the European Commission at UPF (1998—1999). He was awarded his PhD in 1998 from The London School of Economics.


Gabrielle Fack (UPF)

Gabrielle Fack (UPF) is a post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University and holds a PhD from the Paris School of Economics (2007). She works primarily on urban and housing economics, public and applied microeconomics.


Andres Hervas (UPF)

Andres Hervas (UPF) is a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University expecting to complete his PhD in Economics in 2008. He works primarily in business economics and telecommunication and information technology.


Stephan Litschig (UPF)

Stephan Litschig (UPF) is finishing up his PhD at Columbia University and works primarily in development, public economics and political economy.


Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC)

Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC) is a Tutorial Fellow and PhD student at the London School of Economics. His primary areas of research are political economy, economic development, organizational economics, and contract theory.


Kristoffer Nimark (CREI)

Kristoffer Nimark (CREI) received his PhD from the EUI in 2005. He is currently visiting assistant professor at New York University and Senior Research Manager at the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Ander Pérez (UPF)

Ander Pérez (UPF) is finishing up his PhD at LSE and works primarily on topics related with finance. His research interests are corporate finance, banking, financial regulation and macro-finance.


Hugo Rodríguez (IAE-CSIC)

Hugo Rodriguez (IAE-CSIC) received his PhD from University of Chicago in 1997. He has been I3P Researcher at the IAE since 2006, and held previous positions at the European Central Bank, UAB, and UPF. His research interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, and international economics.


Ana Rute Cardoso (IAE-CSIC)

Ana Rute Cardoso (IAE-CSIC) is currently Senior Research Associate at IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn) and Associate Professor at University of Minho (on leave). She received her PhD in 1997 from the European University Institute. She has held Visiting Fellowships at the Bank of Portugal (2002 and 2000) and the Australian National University (2001). Her research interests include earnings dispersion and mobility, employer behavior, and labor economics.


Stefano Trento (UAB)

Stefano Trento (UAB) is currently completing his PhD at Universidad Carlos III. He was visiting PhD student at Washington University in 2007. His areas of research are macroeconomics, industrial organization, and economics of innovation.


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