Learning Extends Past Graduation in MESI Program


This summer, recent graduates of the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation had the opportunity to attend the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and the "Zvi Griliches" Summer School in the Economics of Innovation.

The two July events, both geared towards the economics of science and innovation, allowed students to both complement their learning in the master program as well as make professional contacts in the field.

"Zvi Griliches" Summer School

The "Zvi Griliches" Summer School in the Economics of Innovation, in its second year, took place from July 14-16. It was hosted by the BSE and sponsored by COTEC, a foundation for the promotion of technological innovation and awareness whose board includes the directors of many of Spain’s best-known companies, and FECYT.

The GSE offered tuition fee waivers to all MESI students to attend the summer school in an effort to advance their learning and career development. Acacia Reiche, a 2008 graduate of the MESI program currently interning at the Catalan Foundation Research and Innovation (FCRI), described the event as “very informative”.

In particular, she noted that “the format of the discussion was quite enriching: after each participant presented their work, another colleague would follow with specific constructive critiques. It was insightful to see how you can always improve what you are writing and how the external view from your results can be interpreted in a completely different way.”

The "Zvi Griliches" Summer School in the Economics of Innovation aims to promote interaction between academic researchers, technology policy practitioners, statistical office managers, as well as PhD and graduate students with a general interest in technological innovation from an economics point of view. Because of this, said Acacia, “the event represented an excellent opportunity to make contacts in the field in a casual environment, including the many important representatives for major institutions in Spain.”

MESI graduates were given the opportunity to attend two relevant international events in Barcelona this summer

EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

In the week following the Summer School, from July 18-22, the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) took place in Barcelona, drawing more than 3,000 scientists, experts, and researchers as participants and more than 20,000 visitors. The multidisciplinary event aimed to promote dialogue and reflection on new perspectives in science and technology, and their applications in society.

Through an agreement with FCRI, the BSE was able to offer free admission to interested students from the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation. Students were able to choose from 112 conferences and interdisciplinary debates featuring 430 international experts.

“The events were very informative, and complemented the current body of knowledge in my field. Listening to the lectures provided a great update of the most recent literature in the economics of innovation, in an international context", reflected MESI graduate Acacia. "I was impressed with the quality of the papers presented and the high level of the debates that followed.”

Overall, MESI students who took advantage of the summer events found them both enriching and useful in professional development. Graduates of the program in 2008 needed little help in making their way in their chosen field, as nearly all of them found internships or jobs before or in the summer after graduation. The remaining graduates (25%) of the program have chosen to pursue a PhD or start their own companies.


The poster for the EuroScience Open Forum, which attracted over 20,000 visitors


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