Hélène Rey delivers 38th BSE Lecture

Hélène Rey delivers the 38th BSE Lecture at Banc Sabadell

Hélène Rey, Professor at London Business School and member of the BSE Scientific Council, discussed "The International Monetary System and the Role of the United States" at Banc Sabadell on April 19, 2018.

The lecture was introduced by Sofía Rodríguez, Head of Banc Sabadell's Macroeconomics and Financial Stability Division, and Jaume Ventura, Director of CREI, the BSE academic unit dedicated to research on International Economics and the BSE's Master's Program in International Trade, Finance and Development.

Video: Lecture recap

Professor Rey offered an overview of the role the United States plays in shaping the international monetary system.

Watch the full lecture and download slides here

Other recent activities with BSE Scientific Council members

Professor Rey is a member of the BSE Scientific Council. The Scientific Council is a body of more than 30 internationally renowned economists and social scientists, including 12 Nobel Laureates in Economics.

The Scientific Council meets in Barcelona every two years to review and guide the evolution of the BSE's research and education initiatives. In addition, many members of the Scientific Council have participated in the School's activities such as the 10th Anniversary Celebration last year, Summer Forum workshops and policy lectures, chairing the Selection Committee of the Calvó-Armengol Prize, and delivering BSE Lectures.

Here are some of their recent activities at the BSE:

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