GSE Research Network Opens Call for Recognition of Research Program


Researchers working in universities and research institutions in Catalonia have until October 15 to submit their 2005-2007 publications for inclusion in the Catalan government-funded BSE Recognition of Research Program.

The Recognition of Research program was started in 2004 to identify, stimulate, and publicize the high-quality research emerging from the Barcelona economics community. It began under the auspices of the Xarxa de Referència d'R+D+I en Economia Analítica (CREA/XREA), promoted and funded by the Catalan government. It became the BSE Research Network at the end of 2007. The program aims to consolidate high-impact research taking place in Barcelona, and Catalonia at large, and to reward researchers for their successful efforts.

The program is open to all researchers in Catalan universities and institutions. In order to participate, researchers must submit a list of papers published in a pre-determined set of economics journals, selected for their international impact and scope of reach. Researchers are then rewarded according to the calculated impact of their submitted work.

The Recognition of Research Program also has a social focus, uniting the researchers from institutions throughout Catalonia and keeping them informed of other economics research going on in the community. Submitted work may be included in events, lectures, seminars and conferences of the Barcelona Economics community. In addition, participating researchers are invited to become research affiliates of the BSE Research Network if they are not already Affiliated Professors.

Salvador Barberà, Director of the GSE Research Network (formerly CREA/XREA), emphasizes the importance of the Recognition of Research Program in inspiring research excellence. “Barcelona is known as a hotspot of economics research. Providing incentives, both financial and other, for continuing that tradition of excellence allows the city to remain internationally competitive and promotes its research output at the same time.”

Since the program began in 2004, more than 250 publications have been submitted to it, covering many fields of economics, including Macroeconomics and Growth, Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Decisions and Games, and Quantitative and Experimental Methods in Economics.

The rules and procedures of the Recognition of Research Program are decided by the Council that advises the GSE Research Network. This Council, made up of GSE Affiliated Professors representing the four academic bodies of the School as well as representatives of the Catalan Government, selects the economics journals to be included in the program and develops the formula for determining the awards.

Deadline for submissions:
October 15, 2008

2008 Recognition of Research Program Presentation (pdf)

Selected Publications by Member of the GSE Research Network