Graduation ceremony for the BSE Master's Class of 2019


The 12th cohort of BSE masters students graduated on July 5, 2019 at Tivoli Theater. Welcome to the alumni community, Class of 2019!

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The Barcelona School of Economics held the graduation ceremony of the 12th cohort of Master's students on July 5, 2019 at Tivoli Theater in the Barcelona city center. The ceremony recognizes the achievements of students in the BSE Master's Degrees in Economics and Finance, Specialized Economic Analysis, and Data Science.

Certificates were awarded by Paulina Beato, Chair of the BSE Board of Trustees; Teresa Garcia-Milà, Director of the BSE; Ramon Marimon, former Chair of the BSE and the invited graduation day speaker; and vice-rectors from the BSE's founding universities, José García-Montalvo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Carles Gispert (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Speaker highlights

In his speech to the students, their parents and guests, invited speaker and former Chair of the BSE Ramon Marimon talked about the importance of connection and the exchange of ideas, using examples from the Italian Rennaisance and cautionary tales from modern times.

This year's alumni speaker was Marta Morazzoni '18 (Economics). She offered her reflections as a PhD student at GPEFM (UPF and BSE), one year after her own graduation from the Master's. She encouraged the class to continue welcoming new challenges and collaboration with colleagues as they have done during their time at the BSE:

"Without challenges, no one progresses as a person and no advances can be made by the society as a whole. You can, and, in fact, you should feel lost sometimes, and accept that you cannot always succeed, that you might fail. Whenever you will face a tough situation in your future life, you should remember these 10 months of struggle and pressure. Remember how you felt and how you pulled together your brain, your personality and the help of your friends and colleagues to finally find a solution," she said.

The member of the Class of 2019 who spoke during the ceremony was Rasmus Herløw Schmidt '19 (ITFD). In his remarks, he likened the year in the Master's to a journey across the sea, with all the adventures and perils that this implies.

"Now as capable captains of our own ships, we are preparing to set sail for yet another adventure," he concluded. "Enjoy the tailwinds and let the headwinds make you stronger, and remember: There are small ships, there are large ships, but there is nothing like friendships."

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