First BSE PhD Jamboree

The first BSE PhD Jamboree took place from May 29-30, 2014. The aim of this two-day workshop is to provide a venue for PhD students across the BSE community to exchange ideas and get feedback on their work in progress.


The need for an event like the Jamboree came from the doctoral students ay IDEA (UAB) and GPEFM (UPF), the two PhD programs organized with the BSE. The entire Jamboree was also planned, coordinated, and led by the students.

"As PhD students, we are continuously challenged to do our best," said one of the organizers, Francesco Amodio (Economics '10 and GPEFM). "Each one of us undertakes a unique and stimulating research path, and I strongly believe that learning from each other is key to success. We planned the Jamboree with this goal in mind, bridging both UPF and UAB student bodies to foster debate and interaction. In this respect, this inaugural edition was beyond expectations, and we believe it was only the beginning of a long-lasting tradition."

About 40 PhD students from across the two programs participated in the Jamboree, and several faculty members also attended the workshop sessions. In addition to papers by current students, two alumni of the PhD programs were invited to present as well. The invited speakers were Jan Grobovšek (IDEA '12), Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, and Aniol Llorente-Saguer (Economics '04 and GPEFM '08), Reader at Queen Mary University of London.

Download the full program of Jamboree speakers and paper topics [pdf]

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Doctoral students in session at the first BSE PhD Jamboree

Participants between presentations at the BSE PhD Jamboree

Jamboree Organizers

  • Francesco Amodio
    Economics '10 and GPEFM
  • Francesco Cerigioni
    Economics '10 and IDEA
  • Ricardo Maertens
    Economics '12 and GPEFM
  • Isabel Melguizo