ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Mar Reguant

The Barcelona School of Economics will host Mar Reguant's ERC Consolidator Grant project on "Understanding the Energy Transition with a Machine Learning Toolbox."

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a Consolidator Grant to Mar Reguant (Northwestern and BSE). The five-year project is called “Understanding the Energy Transition with a Machine Learning Toolbox,” and the Barcelona School of Economics will be the host institution.

“Understanding the Energy Transition with a Machine Learning Toolbox”
Mar Reguant (Northwestern and BSE)

European Research Council Consolidator Grant

The goals of Professor Reguant's ERC project are to better understand the economic impacts of the rapid transformation of electricity markets, and to improve the design of electricity markets going forward. Reguant will develop and implement novel statistical tools and structural models in order to achieve these goals. Her research will focus both on firm strategic responses and investment (supply-side), as well as consumer behavior and welfare and distributional impacts (demand side).

Professor Reguant has received several prestigious grants and awards for her work on energy markets, including a Sloan Research Fellowship (2016), the Sabadell Prize for Economic Research (2017), and the EAERE Award for Researchers in Environmental Economics under the Age of Forty (2019). Earlier this year, she was appointed to the French government's Commission of Experts on the Great Economic Challenges, where she is co-leader of the team focused on climate change.

Support for research careers in Europe

The ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to outstanding researchers of any nationality and age, with 7-12 years of experience after PhD, and a scientific track record showing great promise. Research must be conducted in a public or private research organization located in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries. The funding is primarily intended to support hiring of postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, and other staff to consolidate the grantees' research teams.

There have been many ERC grant projects conducted in the BSE community over the years, with several in progress that are led by current Affiliated Professors. Professor Reguant's ERC Consolidator Grant is the first where the BSE is the main coordinating institution.

Press release for ERC Consolidator Grants 2020