Data Science Winter School 2021 delivers intensive online training

Data Science Winter School at BSE

The third edition of the Data Science Winter School organized by the BSE Data Science Center was held this February in an online format. The 20-hour course provided basic training in data analysis and machine learning with Python and R to 50 professionals and academics from around the world.

During four intensive sessions, participants acquired the tools needed to get started with data science, from data exploration to building predictive models and extracting insights. Tools and materials were provided in advance so that participants could get the most out of the sessions, which included activities beyond the typical class lecture.

"Online classes were only the tip of the iceberg for our students. For example, to motivate their learning we set up a Kaggle competition for them to build prediction models and cluster a complex dataset, with support from the instructors throughout. We also had continuous interaction via Slack."

Joan Verdú, Head of Consulting and Knowledge Transfer of the BSE Data Science Center and director of this year’s Data Science Winter School

Participants with a common objective and diverse backgrounds

Participants in this online course were professionals, researchers and academics, and Master’s and PhD students.

Course participants’s employers included:

  • Banca d'Italia
  • European Central Bank
  • E.CA Economics
  • Indra
  • Norwegian Competition Authority
  • UBS
  • United Kingdom Competition & Markets Authority

Master’s and PhD students attended from the following universities:

  • Georgia State University
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Milan

In their feedback for the course, many participants pointed out the quality of the teaching and the materials provided for the course. Some also highlighted the organization of the course

"I would like to congratulate the BSE regarding the organization of this course. I am very satisfied and I think the school could not have done a better job in making this course useful, interesting and interactive at the same time, despite the pandemic ongoing."

Paolo Bonnet, PhD Student at University of Milan

There will be two more editions of this course in the BSE Data Science Summer School. Students can choose the online format (June 21-25, 2021) or attend face-to-face (July 5-9, 2021).

For those looking to take a deeper dive into Data Science to advance their career, the BSE also offers a Master’s Degree in Data Science with two specialized programs: