CREA “Trobada Barcelona Economics” Showcases Panorama of Research from New Professors in Economics Community

The 5th “Trobada Barcelona Economics” was held on October 19, 2007 at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The event featured a spectrum of current research from the Barcelona Economics community, ranging from the economics of happiness to the labor market impact of immigration.

In addition to offering a vista of the latest research taking place, many of the presenters were new tenure-track professors and researchers, who used the opportunity to become acquainted with the Barcelona Economics community and share their on-going research. All six of the new tenure-track presenters have recently accepted positions as Affiliated Professors at the BSE.

UAB professor Daniela Iorio fields questions from the audience

Audience members watch a presentation

The conference was organized by the Reference Network in Analytic Economics (CREA), the sister research institution of the BSE, and includes researchers from the three of the founding academic institutions of the school- the Unit of Economic Analysis of the UAB , the Department of Economics and Business of the UPF, and the Institute of Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC).

With integration of these groups, CREA is cited as one of the leading research groups in Europe. In the paper titled "Ranking of Academic Journals and Institutions in Economics" (P. Kalaitzidakis, T.P. Mamuneas and T. Stengos, May 2002), CREA is ranked #2 when their top 30 journals are taken into account. Another work, titled "Ranking Economics Departments in Europe: A Statistical Approach" (M. Lubrano, L. Bauwens, A. Kirman and C. Protopopescu, May 2003), ranks CREA #3 in Europe when their top journal list is considered.

BSE Affiliated Professors Jordi Caballé (UAB) and Xavier Calsamiglia (UPF) acted as conference chairs. In a short speech, Professor Calsamiglia emphasized the conference as a “demonstration of the prosperity of the economics community in Barcelona”.

UPF Professor Albrecht Glitz presents his research on the German labor market

Two BSE Affiliated Professors, from the UAB and UPF, discuss economics during the break

Professor Calsamiglia also lauded the event as “a testament to the success of institution-building efforts in Barcelona”. The research community that the BSE belongs to, internationally recognized for excellence in both teaching and research in economics, embraces the tradition of collaboration and cooperation.

Of the eight papers presented, seven were (co-) authored by new members of the Barcelona Economics community. The list of presenters included:


Attendees of the conference came from all parts of the Barcelona Economics community

The conference was held at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies


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