BSE Recognition of Research Program VII

Researchers working in universities and research institutions in Catalonia have until October 20 to submit their 2006-2008 publications for inclusion in the seventh edition of the BSE Recognition of Research Program.

Financed by the Catalan government through the Xarxa de Referència dʼR+D+I en Economia Analítica / BSE Research Network contract, the objective of the Recognition of Research Program is to identify, stimulate, and publicize the high-quality research emerging from the Barcelona economics community; to consolidate high-impact research taking place in Barcelona and Catalonia at large; and to reward researchers for their successful efforts.

The program is open to all researchers in Catalan universities and institutions. In order to participate, researchers must submit a list of papers published in a pre-determined set of economics journals, selected for their international impact and scope of reach. Researchers are then rewarded according to the calculated impact of their submitted work.

This calculation is made by the Network's Council, directed by Prof. Enriqueta Aragonès (IAE-CSIC and BSE) and comprised of BSE affiliated professors who are representatives of the School’s four founding academic bodies.

Participating researchers receive an invitation to become members of the Barcelona Research Network. GSE affiliated professors who qualify for the Recognition Program are giving the condition of BSE Research Fellow, and those who are not affiliated professors are considered External Research Fellows. As of September 2009 there were 128 research fellows and 68 external research fellows in the Network.

Works submitted to the program may be included in events, lectures, seminars and conferences of the Barcelona Economics community, making the Recognition Program an excellent opportunity for the Barcelona Economics community at large to stay on top of the latest research going on in Catalonia.

Since the program began in 2004, more than 300 publications have been submitted to it. These publications cover many fields of economics, including Macroeconomics and Growth, Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Sustainability Economics, Decisions and Games, and Quantitative and Experimental Methods in Economics.

Download the 2009 Recognition of Research presentation [pdf].

Deadline for submission: October 20, 2009

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