BSE launches Alumni & Friends Merit Award scholarship initiative

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The Barcelona School of Economics has launched a new scholarship initiative, the BSE Alumni & Friends Award, with the objective of increasing retention of top candidates admitted to the Master's programs. A unique aspect of the Merit Award is that donors to the scholarship fund will have the option to participate in the recipient selection process. As such, it will allow BSE Alumni and other members of the community to play a role in shaping the next cohort of Master's students. 

Expanding the BSE's commitment to recruit talented Master's students

On average, the BSE awards around 800,000€ in financial aid to Master's students every year. Around 36% of matriculated students in the Master's programs receive full or partial financial aid. This funding comes from generous public and private sponsors and from the BSE's own funds. 

All tuition waivers are awarded entirely on the basis of academic merit. This criteria is in line with the BSE's recruitment strategy, which aims to attract and retain the most talented students who are accepted to the Master's programs.

"While community fundraising is a more widely established practice at larger, older academic institutions, we believe that our international, globally-minded community is ready for such an initiative as a complement to our existing fundraising efforts," said BSE Director Teresa Garcia-Milà. "We are in an era of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, and the BSE community is a collaborative, engaged group that comes together to achieve amazing things. The Merit Award will make it possible for all of us to bring more talented, dynamic individuals into this special group." 

The BSE aims to award one full-tuition scholarship in the first edition of the Merit Award. To help reach this fundraising goal, the School has committed to match all contributions made by the community.

Positive feedback from alumni for the Merit Award initiative

Feedback from the alumni community following the launch of the Merit Award initiative has been positive. "I would not have chosen BSE if I did not receive some sort of funding or scholarship," said Jebb Peria '10 (Finance), now an associate at EV Private Equity in Norway. "It's a great way to attract smart students. I fully support the initiative." 

"For anyone who found studying at the BSE a valuable experience, the new Merit Award is an excellent way to give that same opportunity to others," said Ilaria Vigo '16 (Economics of Public Policy), an environmental economist at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. "Now Alumni can actively contribute in the selection and support of incoming talent in our community."

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