BSE Graduation Ceremony 2022: 15th Master's student cohort graduated!

Depiction of BSE graduates applauding at the end of their graduation act

The Barcelona School of Economics held the graduation ceremony of its 15th cohort of Master's students on July 11, 2022 in the AXA Auditorium. Students, faculty, family and friends of the new graduates from all over the world gathered to celebrate the graduation of the Master's Degrees in Economics and Finance, Specialized Economic Analysis, and Data Science.

Graduation Ceremony

The event was conducted by the Chair of BSE, Paulina Beato, who welcomed the attendees in her initial address, introducing next the rest of the panel. The welcome by Beato was expanded upon by Josep Armas, AXA Territorial Director. The main address to the new graduates was delivered by José D. Bogas, Chief Executive Officer of ENDESA, who encouraged the students regarding their future and professional expectations in a context that has inevitably become uncertain and increasingly complex in face of the current international and economic context. Bogas did not fail to share advice for the students’ future success, based on his own professional experience.

Moment of the talk of Mr. José Bogas to the new graduates. To the right, Prof. Ramos, Dr. Beato, Mr. Armas and Prof. García-Montalvo.

José García-Montalvo, Full Professor at UPF and BSE, and Xavier Ramos, Vice-Rector of Economy at UAB, also intervened, adding theirs to the chorus of voices congratulating the new graduates, in a final round of encouragement, advice and wishes for the best in their future to come. Thereafter, the certificates were handed out by Mr. Armas, Dr. Beato, Mr. Bogas, Prof. García-Montalvo and Prof. Ramos among numerous and sustained rounds of enthusiastic applause.

Panoramic view of the AXA Auditorium during the address by student representatives Elena Stotts-Lee (Economics of Public Policy Program) and Facundo Nicolás Ulivarri (Economics Program).

Another of the highlights of the ceremony, as it so often was in the past, was the participation of student and alumni speakers. The floor was first given to alum Roger Medina (MSc. Program in Competition and Market Regulation, Academic Year 2020), followed by student representatives Elena Stotts-Lee (Economics of Public Policy Program) and Facundo Nicolás Ulivarri (Economics Program). The session finished with a cocktail served to all attendees, who made use of the time after the event to take photographs with family, faculty and friends, as memories of this very special day.

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