Barcelona School of Economics partners with Analytica to offer new courses in Latin America

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The collaboration demonstrates how BSE works with clients to adapt in-company training to suit their needs.

Barcelona School of Economics and Dominican Republic-based Economics consulting firm Analytica have partnered to launch the firm’s new PENSAR Training Studio education platform.

Through PENSAR Training Studio, organizations and their employees will have access to several new courses designed by Barcelona School of Economics professors with expertise in areas such as macroeconomics, econometrics, financial risk, and decision-making.

Each 20- or 40-hour BSE training module covers cutting-edge knowledge and state-of-the-art tools for tackling complex analytical challenges. The different modules are geared toward mid-level executives or specialized technicians at central banks and treasury departments, investment banks and other financial institutions, or companies in any sector that want to improve their decision-making processes.

Most BSE courses available through PENSAR include a combination of online and face-to-face sessions. The different delivery formats, as well as the offer of several courses in Spanish, are examples of how BSE works with clients to adapt in-company training to suit their needs.

Analytica plans to launch PENSAR Training Studio during 2023.

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