BSE Seed Grants 2021 provide €98K in research funding for Affiliated Professors

Titles of Seed Grant projects

The Barcelona School of Economics has awarded nearly €100,000 in funding to 14 researchers in the 2021 edition of the BSE Seed Grants. The Seed Grants are supported by the Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Program.

The call for Seed Grants is open to all BSE Affiliated Professors. The program primarily aims to fill a gap in the availability of funding that researchers often face at the beginning of their careers and contributes to making more competitive offers in the junior job market. 

The Seed Grants also provide funding to BSE researchers at more advanced stages of their careers who require special data or research assistance support. 

By addressing both of these needs, the Seed Grants strengthen the capability of the BSE to both attract and retain Affiliated Professors conducting applied research.

Including this year's call, a total of 93 BSE Seed Grants have been awarded to 67 researchers. Of the 93 projects:

Some of this year's new Seed Grant projects will surely join these lists in the future!

BSE Seed Grants 2021
ResearcherUnitProject Title
Marco FabbriUPFLand Titling and Conflicts: Evidence from a Land Tenure Reform Implemented as a Randomized Control-Trial
Rosa FerrerUPFMeasuring Demand and Supply of Audiovisual Content and its Regulation
Alexander FrugUPFTime Management and Optimal Scheduling of Attention
Mohammad GhaderiUPFRobust Discrete Choice Model
Andre GroegerUABRaising Boys and Girls: Gender Gaps in Child Development
Priit JeenasUPFFiscal Policy with Firm Heterogeneity and Financial Frictions
Dmitry KuvshinovUPFSafe Assets in the Long-run International Perspective
Ursula MelloIAE-CSICHeterogenous Impacts of Local Labor Market Shocks on Gender Inequality Over the Life Cycle
Joan MonràsUPFPublic Good Provision and the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity
Minyoung RhoUABThe Mortgage Trap: Economic and Social Implications of the Lack of Personal Bankruptcy in Spain
Björn RichterUPFForeign Capital and Household Credit Expansions
Alberto SantiniUPFSustainable Integrated Last-mile Delivery
Mikhail SpektorUPFHuman Learning: Fast = Slow?
Hanna WangUABFixed-term Contracts, Fertility and the Gender Wage Gap

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