2008 World Trade Report Cites Work of GSE Affiliated Professors

The World Trade Organization (WTO) relied extensively on the research output of affiliated professors of the BSE in creating the 2008 World Trade Report, titled “Trade in a Globalizing World.”

Speaking at the BSE Opening Ceremony in November 2008, shortly after the report was published, WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy acknowledged that the World Trade Organization follows the research of BSE affiliated professors “with great interest.” The WTO Research Group conveyed that they “relied extensively” on the GSE’s “excellent research on international economics” to provide the background research on which the report was based.

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Overall, the report prescribes the pursuit of more open markets balanced by complementary domestic policies, a tacit recognition of a role for the state, along with what Mr. Lamy described as “international initiatives to manage the risks arising from globalization.” In short, the pitfalls of globalization must be amended by more globalization.

He reiterated these conclusions when he spoke at the BSE Opening Ceremony, emphasizing in particular the ways that trade can contribute to improving the current international economic situation. He cited the “increasing importance” of balancing the economic and socio-political advantages of international engagement through trade with social justice and a perceived sense of legitimacy, which he says can be accomplished through improved policy.

The 127 BSE Affiliated Professors are tenure or tenure-track faculty of the founding bodies of the school: the UPF, UAB, IAE-CSIC, and CREI. The BSE research output may rank between second and third in Europe, according to J. Drèze and F. Estevan’s “Research and Higher Education in Economics: Can We Deliver The Lisbon Objectives?” (Journal of the European Economic Association, May 2007).

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BSE affiliated professors cited in the 2008 World Trade Report include:

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  • Alessandra Bonfiglioli and Gino Gancia. (2007) 'North-South Trade and Directed Technical Change', forthcoming Journal of International Economics.
  • Antonio Ciccone (w. F. Alcalá). (2003) 'Trade, extent of the market, and economic growth 1960-1996', Department of Economics and Business Working Papers, Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • Antonio Ciccone (w. F. Alcalá). (2004) 'Trade and productivity', The Quarterly Journal of Economics 119, 2: 612-645.
  • Gino Gancia (w. P. Epifani). (2008) 'Openness, government size and the terms of trade', forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.
  • Gino Gancia (w. F. Zilibotti). (2005) 'Horizontal innovation in the theory of growth and development', in Aghion, P. and Durlauf Steven (eds) Handbook of Economic Growth, Edition 1, Amsterdam, North Holland: Elsevier: 111-170.
  • Jaume Ventura. (1997) 'Growth and interdependence', The Quarterly Journal of Economics 112, 1: 57-84.
  • Jaume Ventura. (2005) 'A global view of economic growth', in Aghion, P. and Durlauf Steven (eds) Handbook of Economic Growth - Edition 1, Amsterdam, North Holland: Elsevier: 1419-1497.
  • Jaume Ventura (w. D. Acemoglu). (2002) 'The World Income Distribution', The Quarterly Journal of Economics 117, 2: 659-694.


Watch Pascal Lamy's speech at the BSE

Download the 2008 World Trade Report (pdf)

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