165 GSE Community Seminars in Academic Year to Date; More Planned for Spring Term

Students at the BSE will continue to have opportunities to attend a variety of enriching and engaging events this spring. To date in the 2008-2009 year (September – March), the BSE community has been host to more than 165 seminars as part of 24 regularly occurring seminars and workshops bringing speakers from all over the world.

When not studying or in class, GSE students often take advantage of the intellectual life in Barcelona

In total, 75% of the seminars featured speakers working in foreign countries. Forty-two percent of the seminars featured speakers from research centers, universities, or institutions outside of Europe, and 40% came from external centers in Europe. Eighteen percent of the seminars were given by researchers working within the academic bodies of the BSE – the UPF, UAB, IAE-CSIC, and CREI.

The most common countries represented in BSE community events were the US (58), Spain (30), the UK (21), Italy (5), and Belgium (5). Other seminars featured speakers working in Canada (3), Germany (3), France (3), Sweden (3), and Australia (3).

Many speakers came from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, frequently from Harvard University (8), MIT (7), the LSE (5), Columbia University (5), London Business School (4), Northwestern University (4), Princeton University (3), University of Chicago (3), and University of Tokyo (2). Many other top research centers and institutions such as World Bank, WTO, central banks and top financial and consulting institutions, were represented in the seminars.

Shown here, Harvard Professor John Campbell speaks at the Barcelona Economics Lecture in October 2008

From March until the end of the academic year, the BSE community will continue to offer a number of workshops, seminars, and conferences. Some upcoming highlights in the spring include:

March 10
Abhijit Banerjee (MIT), cofounder of the The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (recently awarded the 2008 Frontiers of Knowledge Award by BBVA Foundation and the Spanish Council for Scientific Research)
UPF Labour, Public, and Development Seminar

March 12-13
Wouter den Haan (University of Amsterdam)
Minicourse on Numerical Methods Sponsored by CREI.

March 12
Matias Iaryczower (Caltech)
UAB Bellaterra Seminar

April 27
Torsten Persson (IIES)
CREI Macroeconomics Seminar

May 7
Matthew Jackson (Stanford University)
UAB Bellaterra Seminar

May 7-8
CREI-CEPR Conference on Financial Crisis

June 4-5
Third INSIDE Workshop
Keynote speakers: Jennifer Hunt (McGill University) and David Jaeger (City University of New York)

June 5-7
European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory 2009 UPF Ciutadella Campus

June 22-23
UAB/IAE Workshop on "Institutions, Contracts and Growth: Links and Dynamics”
Keynote Speakers: Philippe Aghion (Harvard University) and Ramon Marimon (European University Institute and UPF-CREI)

Students are able to choose from a multitude of seminars, workshops, and conferences taking place in the GSE community each week

Researchers, academics, and faculty from the four academic bodies of the GSE frequently attend the events


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