Barcelona GSE is now Barcelona School of Economics (BSE)

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE) is now Barcelona School of Economics (BSE). Here is some more information about our new name.

At its annual meeting in 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the change of our brand name from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE) to Barcelona School of Economics (or BSE for short).

This decision emerged alongside an in-depth brand study that began in 2018 with the aim of producing a new brand strategy to strengthen our global reputation and market position. Members of the board, the Scientific Council, faculty and alumni communities were involved in the project from the initial stages.

The name change went into effect on September 1, 2021.

We want to emphasize that the change to Barcelona School of Economics does not imply any fundamental changes to our institutional objectives, education programs, or research initiatives. Please keep this in mind as you read the following Q&A about our new name. 

Why change the name now?

The historical reason behind the inclusion of "graduate" in our name was to give a clear message to the market that we would specialize in post-graduate education. But in fact, nowadays in Europe and other parts of the world, the term “graduate” is not necessarily identified with post-graduate education. The BSE name brings us in line with other Economics schools in the international market, which is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive for the recruitment of talented students.

The BSE name also reflects more accurately how we’ve evolved as an institution. While post-graduate programs continue to be an integral part of the Barcelona School of Economics, in the years since the first Master's cohort (Class of 2008), our program offer has expanded to include summer schools and professional courses, as well as in-company training. 

On the research side, today the Barcelona School of Economics ranks among the top Economics institutions and departments in Europe and world-wide, thanks to the consolidated research of over 150 BSE Affiliated Professors at our four academic units. The BSE name gives us room to continue developing new ways to connect education programs to the research conducted across our community.

Academic affairs

Does this change mean that BSE will offer undergraduate programs?

The Barcelona School of Economics does not have plans to offer undergraduate programs. Those programs are delivered by our two founding universities: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Which name will appear on the Master's degree?

BSE Master's degrees are still awarded jointly with our founding universities:

  • Master's Degree in Economics and Finance: awarded jointly with UPF
  • Master's Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis: awarded jointly with UAB and UPF
  • Master's Degree in Data Science: awarded jointly with UAB and UPF

As in the past, the only institutional names that appear on the official diploma are those of UAB and UPF.

Which name will appear on official transcripts?

Barcelona School of Economics will appear on all official transcripts issued for those students graduating after the change goes into effect.

Reputation and rankings

How will the change affect name recognition of the Master's degrees with recruiters and PhD programs?

The BSE Career Services team has already been in touch with all our recruiting partners to let them know about this change and will work to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

The team will advise students and alumni on the correct way to include Barcelona School of Economics on their CVs and in PhD applications.

How will the change to BSE affect research rankings?

We will continue to appear in research rankings such as RePEc under our new name, Barcelona School of Economics.


Has the website address changed?

Our domain name (web address) for our main website is now — please update your browser bookmarks!

Existing links to pages in the old domain have been redirected to the new domain. If you have links to these pages on your website, please update them when you can.

Addresses for other sites such as our research events calendar, Focus, and the Data Science Center will move to the new domain during a transition period.

Have email addresses changed?

Staff are now using email addresses. To allow time for everyone to update their contacts, email addresses will continue to function during a transition period. 

Master’s students in the Class of 2022 will be the first cohort to get BSE email addresses. 

Alumni can continue using their addresses for now. Please stay tuned for more information about alumni email addresses.

Will social media channels change?

Our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular channels will be adjusted during the transition period to reflect the name change. 

Keep following us to receive updates for the channels you use!