Macroeconomics and Finance

The BSE Summer Forum Workshop on Macroeconomics and Finance will take place in Barcelona from June 12-13, 2024.

Macroeconomics and Finance is jointly organized by BSE and the Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI). The goal of this workshop is to discuss recent research on the interaction between financial markets and the macroeconomy.

We encourage submissions of theoretical and empirical papers addressing issues including (but not limited to): 

  • Asset prices, financial frictions and the amplification/propagation of shocks
  • Financial regulation and the macroeconomy
  • Debt overhang and macroeconomic implications of deleveraging
  • Information frictions in financial markets
  • Sources of asset price fluctuations: fundamentals and bubbles Macroeconomic effects of information production in financial markets
  • Evidence on the effects of financial frictions on firms, banks, and households 
  • Asset prices and the conduct of monetary and fiscal policy 
  • Dealing with financial crises, domestic responses and international policy coordination

Workshop Organizers