Digital Economics

Digital technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of storing, processing and transferring information. This workshop brings together researchers from several fields who can help to understand how these changes affect social and economic outcomes and to uncover positive potentials.

Most participants use tools from industrial organization, mechanism design, media economics and social networks but contributions from philosophy, computer science, finance and sociology are more than welcome.

This year’s workshop will emphasize the impact of the digital economy on journalism and social media but the call is broader. We particularly encourage submissions that address welfare and inequality concerns and studies that offer creative solutions to the ethical and democratic challenges presented by digital change.

We invite theoretical, empirical and conceptual contributions on topics such as:

  • Digital Media, Journalism, Search Engines, Online Social Networks
  • Algorithms, Mechanism Design, Finance, Entrepreneurship
  • Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Sharing Economy and Gig Work
  • Platform competition and abuse of dominance, Regulation
  • Privacy, Advertising, Targeting, Discrimination

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Speakers appear in the order in which they presented during the workshop.

2017 Edition