Assessing Technology-Based Spin-Offs From University Support Units

Authors: Mircea Epure, Diego Prior and Christian Serarols

Regional Studies, Vol. 50, No 3, 411-428, January, 2016

This paper takes a regional studies approach to assess spin-offs from a university-based technology transfer network. It first detects the regional objectives, inputs and outputs needed to assess spin-offs from support programmes. It then provides evidence on regional mechanisms for firm creation. Spin-offs created at Catalan universities are analysed and it is found that many efficient spin-offs have formal technology transfer agreements, and emerge from technology-oriented universities. It is also found that higher innovation levels and experience from the parent university are associated with higher efficiency, which is positively related to future fundamental profitability. Finally, regional policy-making and research directions are proposed.

This paper originally appeared as Barcelona School of Economics Working Paper 650