Borbála Szathmáry

Director of Economics

Borbala Szathmary
Originally from Hungary
Currently living in United Kingdom

After the Master's degree in Hungary, Borbála started to work for the Hungarian Competition Authority and decided she wanted to keep working in this area. She thought that the Master's in Competition and Market Regulation would equip me with analytical tools I would need in my job, which it did to a great extent, because it is clearly more specialised than a Master's in Economics. Another reason why she chose BSE was its faculty, mixing top-level academics and practitioners, and because of the scholarships available.


"It's a very good and well-regarded program which has been building a strong alumni network that one can connect to. I think people completing this program are highly sought after by both regulators and consultancies, offering very interesting job opportunities. The knowledge acquired is very relevant for everyday competition work so it is worth investing in getting the most out of the courses; it definitely pays off later."

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