Yabra Muvdi

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Colombia
Currently living in Spain

Before joining the BSE Data Science Master's, I was working at a non-profit consultancy firm in the sector of international development. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes and have mainly focused my research and practical experience in areas related to the evaluation and design of social policies.

In the future, I hope to apply the set of skills acquired through the Master's towards the design of better social programs. I am also excited about using tools from data science — particularly natural language processing — in social sciences research.


I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time. The Master's in Data Science at BSE was an exciting and fast-paced opportunity for me to acquire foundational knowledge in a broad range of subjects. I didn't become an expert in any (who can in 9 months?), but I gained the perspective to appreciate the numerous paths I could pursue as a data scientist and the necessary skills to pursue them. I now feel equipped to keep learning wherever my interests and my career lead me.
Most importantly, I had the enormous privilege of sharing this experience with a group of bright and caring people. I learned to be humble and to appreciate the opportunity of learning with others; this is not a given. This was made painfully clear when we had to finish our last term completely online. Learning with others constitutes an important part of the excitement of learning, and I found a wonderful group of people to do this with.