Laura Battaglia

Research Assistant, BSE

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Italy
Currently living in Spain

I have a BSc in Economics and Finance and a MSc in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University (Milan). Before the Data Science Master, I worked for three years and a half at the European Central Bank as a banking supervisor.


Picking a Data Science Master’s program was a hard choice. So many different things fall under the label of “data science,” and I myself had not identified with precision what I was looking for. I must say I was very lucky, because this program happened to be perfect for me. It taught me how to program and provided me with the strongest background in statistical and ML theory and applications that can be taught in a 10-month period. Even while giving a good overview over data warehousing techniques, it is not aimed at forming data engineers, but rather competent data scientists. More than anything, the Data Science Master’s at BSE has enabled me to learn autonomously in this field, and it has opened doors for me both in the private sector and in research — a combination that I consider very hard to achieve. 
I believe that the biggest asset the program gave me is the people: the small size of the class and the frequent group work have fostered friendships among students that I found of incredible talent and of enriching diversity. Teachers are also generally inspiring and available for support. Indeed, it is a very demanding program, made of many stressing and long nights and where time management is key. But this field is complex, and I was well aware that it would have been hard to learn all that is needed in such a short time without a stretch. For me, it was totally worth it, and I am truly glad and happy to give my testimonial and support to any incoming or potential future student of the program. It is an important decision, and all questions deserve to be answered.